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At Artistic Revolutions, we believe that caregivers are the most important people in their children’s lives.  Because caregivers spend the most time with their children, especially through the sensitive periods of brain development, they have the biggest role to play in helping their children develop core strengths in problem-solving, emotional intelligence, resilience, self-regulation, creativity, confidence and expression.

We passionately believe that if mental health professionals can equip parents with some essential brain and behavioural information about their child this can bring about powerful changes in the lives of children and their families.
Together we can build better brains!

Early trauma and toxic stress during peak periods of brain wiring can affect the healthy functioning of the brain which drives behaviour, emotions, thoughts, ability to manage relationships and learn effectively. Therapeutic play and creative arts therapies help to support brain and nervous system repair by targeting the right side of the brain and lower brain regions.

Clinical Play Therapy and Creative Arts techniques can help correct the ‘faulty wiring’ caused by early trauma and toxic stress by offering alternative reframing and inputs into the brain which help physically form new brain pathways. This process helps build better neural integration (whole brain functioning), development of healthy attachment (improved relationships), development of resiliency (as an outcome of nervous system becoming more regulated and brain working as a more united whole) and an increased sense of wellbeing (life satisfaction).

At Artistic Revolutions we specialise in using Clinical Play and Creative Arts Therapy to work with children and families to help support behavioural, relational and social emotional issues. We work in a systemic way alongside parents and educators to develop consistency of support and understanding around the child’s presenting symptoms. We also work with organisations, mental health practitioners, educators and parents to help make systems become more child centred, brain wise and trauma informed in their approach so that we can build better brains for the next generation of children.


Therapy for Children

We offer several approaches to therapy for children including play therapy, trauma-focused play therapy, attachment therapy, Autplay, and other interventions

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Therapy for Teens, Adults and Families

Treatment options include Strengths based person centred therapy, Creative arts counselling, Trauma informed approach, Mindfulness, Solution focused therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Workshops and Training

We offer several different workshops for parents and children including Creative arts classes, Building better brains workshop series, and Kinder workshops

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Online Therapy and Mobile Service

We understand the struggles of juggling the commitments of work and family life so we have created after hours online appointments just for you

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Caregivers are Powerful Agents of Change for Their Children

Empowering parents to become the therapeutic agents of change for their own children can transform behaviour, meltdowns, anger issues, anxiety, and chaos and give children the best gift in life – the self-belief to succeed in happiness, resilience, and wellbeing.  Higher order functions such as academic achievement are built on these strong emotional and relational foundations.

Helping Families Thrive, not Just Survive

At Artistic Revolutions, we strongly believe that we should work towards creating a collaborative child centred relationship model.  When parents, wellbeing/mental health practitioners and educators work together, using evidence-based best practices, we ensure optimum social, emotional and cognitive outcomes for the next generation of children.

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